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What is SEO Really about and How will it work for you

Pickering Ajax SEOWe are not about getting you #1 for useless , saturated search terms & keywords, we want you to be found with relevant search returns "RSR's".Pickering Ajax SEO

Pickering Ajax SEOToo many "SEO GURU's" will get you what you think you want and not really what you need and what really drives converting traffic. We have spent hours looking at other SEO company tactics and their client sites and never find them in the REAL money making searches.Pickering Ajax SEO

Pickering Ajax SEOExample , Being #1 for "Person Injury Lawyer" is not the big money term, it just looks good and keeps the client happy with the few that trickle in. In essence, every Injury lawyer is fighting for the same search terms that is so diluted they are lucky to get a few files a month. Pickering Ajax SEO

"Run away if they claim they know how Google works"

Pickering Ajax SEOIf anyone ever tells you they know how Google works, run as far away as you can! We have been working at this a long time and the truth is we give you our best guess on what will make your site perform against your competitors. So far, Our best guess has been getting our clients best performance over most if not all others in their field. We go after the low hanging fruit and let the lions fight for the rest. We don't think like the client, we think like the end user.

Why you here reading our site?

Pickering Ajax SEOMore than likely you are here because you clicked on our link at the bottom of a clients website. No doubt their site is in front of you in search returns and you are wondering why they are. I suspect you have either spent a lot of money and got little in return, you answered to one of those SPAM emails telling you they cant find you and they will give you a free SEO report or, you are trying to decide if having someone work your site will help get you more business.

"Don't wait too long, we would hate to lose you to our your competitor"

Pickering Ajax SEOWhen you are ready - give us a call, let us evaluate your site and see what can be done to move you in to the right RSR's that will make the most for you. If you want to beat one of our clients were currently work with in your geographic area .. sorry - we are loyal to one customer in each area.  However, If you would like to attack a different area/product of that same business then we would be more than happy to help you be more visible.

"If you can't make money from our work, neither should we"

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